Friday, August 17, 2007

Call for Assistance

Anyone in the PRT Discussion Group:

I would appreciate your assistance in testing out the site. I've listed a few of you as authors, but please don't modify the layout without discussing it with me first.



Chip Stewart (CCNY) said...

Ted--so far so good. It will take me awhile to get comfy with this technology. Is there a way to "push" emails? Just asking.


Philosophical, Religious & Theological Disc Group said...

Hey Chip,
Not sure what you mean exactly by push emails in this case. Drop me a line on my work email address

Deborah Gaspar, Ed.D. said...

This is a great idea! I think we can find some real uses for this.

Colin McCaffrey said...

Ted, thanks for setting this up. I plan to begin posting and blogging a bit in the near future. One thing I noticed though is that some markup has made its way into the title element in the page's header, resulting in a weird title bar. (This is also the title that will appear in aggregrators, etc.) It should be pretty easy for someone with manager privileges to change.


Philosophical, Religious & Theological Disc Group said...

Hey Colin,

Thanks for the input.Honestly I hadn't noticed it. Do you know how to make the title still look like I had it while not having the markup present?